Upcoming RFPs

As part of its 2024 work plan, the independent evaluation function will commission evaluations on the topics below. A request for proposals (RFP) will be issued for each one during the targeted dates proposed below:

Upcoming Evaluation RFPs RFP Launch Date (Dates are indicative)
Imbizo: Learning from country stakeholder feedback RFP closed
Funding request and grant-making processes RFP closed
Capacity, Quality, and Decision-making in Sub-national Tailoring of Malaria Interventions RFP closed
Engagement of communities in Global Fund processes Q3, 2024
Community responses and system strengthening Q3, 2024

Indicative RFP launch dates in the calendar year will be announced above to allow potential bidders to plan ahead and factor these bids in their annual planning.

The independent evaluation function encourages potential bidders, particularly those representing low- and middle-income countries, to apply and to regularly refer to this page for announcements and updates on upcoming RFPs:

Upcoming Informational Webinars

Webinars where bidders will have the opportunity to ask questions regarding the scope of work and where they can receive further background on upcoming evaluations will be scheduled throughout the year. Upcoming webinars include:

  • Engagement of communities in Global Fund processes - Scheduled for 11 July 2024
  • Community responses and systems strengthening - Scheduled for 23 July 2024

Please express interest in participating in the upcoming information session by following instructions in the Business & Consultancy Opportunities webpage.