Office of the Inspector General

OIG Progress Report – January To October 2014

02 December 2014

Following the Thirty-Second Board meeting in Montreux, Switzerland, in November, the OIG has published its Progress Report for January to October 2014.

The report contains information about the recent recruitment surge at the OIG which is now the strongest it has ever been with a current headcount of 40 at the time of publication. The report also highlights how the Investigations Unit is clearing the backlog of the legacy cases that date from before 2012. Annexed to the report are the 2015 Work Plans for the Audit and Investigations Units. The audit team plan to complete six internal and ten country audits next year as well as participate in a number of Secretariat strategic initiatives (ex-ante assurance work). The internal audits include work on the allocation of funds, controls around strategy and impact and the effectiveness of the Country Coordinating Mechanisms. The Investigations Work Plan plan contains six overarching themes for 2015 including: building up a knowledge resource, developing an intelligence capacity through better use of Global Fund data, completing investigations, human rights and continuous improvement for the team.