Office of the Inspector General

Investigation in Nigeria

06 August 2018

For 14 months, senior management at TB Network, a sub-recipient in Nigeria, misappropriated salaries and allowances totalling US$54,471. Staff had to pay into a scheme to fund the organization’s ‘sustainability’, however TB Network management and its National Secretary received almost half of the funds collected. Unauthorised salary payments were also made to five employees, who then paid the majority of funds they had received into the scheme. One of the Principal Recipients which funds TB Network’s activities, the Institute of Human Virology Nigeria, was aware of this scheme but did not report it to the Global Fund, in breach of its obligations. TB Network also generated unauthorized income from sub-letting its office space. The Secretariat is working to recover the total amount of non-compliant expenditures and take appropriate action towards the individuals responsible.

  • Global Fund Grants to the Federal Republic of Nigeria (GF-OIG-18-012 - 6 August 2018)
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