Office of the Inspector General

Audit of Grants in Kenya

12 November 2018

Kenya, the regional economic hub for East and Central Africa, is one of the Global Fund’s ‘high impact’ countries with active signed grants of US$384 million for the period January 2018 to June 2021. Despite health worker strikes in 2017 which affected health care delivery and programmatic results in most parts of the country, Kenya has made significant progress in the fight against the three diseases. Most of the challenges around delivering quality services to beneficiaries have been identified through assessments by the Ministry of Health, the Global Fund and partners. However, effective measures need to be implemented to address these challenges if the country’s strategic goals are to be achieved.

Kenya is making progress in devolving grant implementation arrangements from central government to its counties. While Global Fund grants have appropriate national coverage indicators to monitor grant performance with specific measures to track activities financed by the Global Fund, improvements are needed in the quality of data being reported, and in oversight and coordination arrangements, particularly in the context of devolution.
Approximately 60% of Global Fund grants to Kenya are spent on procuring medicines and health products. In-country procurement processes are able to procure medicines at cheaper prices than the Global Fund’s pooled procurement mechanism, and the underlying supply chain systems are able to distribute medicines to health facilities. There are a few areas of improvement in inventory and waste management processes, but these limitations do not materially affect the ability of procurement and supply chain processes to procure and deliver quality assured medicines to facilities.

  • Global Fund Grants to the Republic of Kenya (GF-OIG-18-021 - 12 November 2018)
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