Office of the Inspector General

Global Fund Grants in Malawi

09 December 2019

Global Fund grants in Malawi have significantly reduced death rates across the three diseases. The country now has an electronic Health Management Information System; HIV and TB data from health facilities are of good quality, while for malaria there are data inaccuracies.
Some key components for interventions targeting Adolescent Girls and Young Women were not fully defined before commencing the programs, and their implementation is ineffective due to weak supervision arrangements. Gaps in performance indicators and errors in reported results are limiting the ability to measure the program’s achievements.

There are no material stock-outs of medicines at service delivery points. All medicines were fully reconciled at the central level, but traceability challenges remain at District Health Office and health facility levels. The audit noted significant weaknesses in controls at the Ministry of Health, Action Aid, and within the Secretariat’s risk mitigation measures. The fiduciary assurance framework and the portfolio’s anti-fraud measures need significant improvement.

  • Global Fund Grants in Malawi (GF-OIG-19-024 - 09 December 2019)
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