Country Coordinating Mechanism Evolution: Implementation

12 August 2020

The Global Fund strategic initiative known as Country Coordinating Mechanism Evolution has moved from its pilot phase to full implementation in countries the Global Fund supports. This initiative aims to equip Country Coordinating Mechanisms, which are national committees in Global Fund-supported countries, to carry out core operations of inclusive oversight and meaningful engagement in alignment with national structures for sustained health governance.

Implementation is being rolled out in waves from 2020 through 2021. The first wave of countries will start in September 2020. The introduction of the project in a particular country will take into account COVID-19 considerations and the current workload countries have during the Global Fund grant life cycle: funding request, grant-making, and grant implementation.

Steps, timelines and more information are in our new overview:

The Global Fund’s CCM Hub will reach out to Country Coordinating Mechanisms in the upcoming weeks to determine the best suited timing to start.

See our Country Coordinating Mechanism Evolution page for more information.