Strategic Monitoring

Strategic Monitoring refers to the process that allows the Global Fund to provide regular oversight of its investments and activities, changing direction when needed. Through routine data collection, portfolio wide aggregation, and analysis for reporting against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), the Global Fund can provide assurance to the Board that the partnership is performing according to the objectives laid out in the Strategy.

Monitoring Strategic Performance to Drive Data Use and Facilitate Learning

Strategic Monitoring allows us to answer key questions on the progress of Strategy objectives through critical insights provided by the KPIs. It also uses metrics and information collected through other parts of the M&E Framework to provide complimentary insights to the KPI results and fill information gaps. Strategic Performance Reports evaluate current levels of performance and provide insights on areas that require strengthening by grant implementers with support from the Global Fund and the wider partnership. Report findings sometimes prompt additional grant portfolio analysis and reviews, and areas for further learning.

Key Performance Indicators

The KPI Framework for the 2023-2028 Strategy is defined by three layers of indicators:

  1. Impact KPIs measure progress towards high-level aggregate epidemiologic outcomes of the Global Fund partnership’s efforts to end HIV, TB and malaria. Data for these KPIs comes from our technical partners.
  2. Strategy KPIs measure progress towards achieving the objectives of the Global Fund’s 2023-2028 Strategy. Data for these KPIs comes from both Programmatic Monitoring (including grant performance frameworks) and Secretariat Monitoring, as well as from our technical partners.
  3. Financial KPIs track a specific set of financial indicators. Data for these KPIs comes from the Global Fund’s Program and Secretariat Monitoring components of the M&E Framework.

The 2023-2028 KPI framework, including overview of the development of the M&E and KPI framework, indicator definitions and methodologies can be found in the KPI Handbookdownload in English ] .