Strategic and Thematic Evaluation

Strategic and Thematic Evaluation refers to the independent mechanism used to generate learnings that support the improvement of Global Fund investment and business model performance. Through evaluation, the Global Fund can provide assurance to the Board that the partnership is performing according to the objectives laid out in the Strategy, and also highlight where adaptations are necessary. The purpose of these evaluations is to provide data and information in areas where progress cannot be sufficiently measured or understood by the data generated through routine monitoring.

Evaluation topics are planned over the course of the 2023-2028 Strategy period in a Multi-year Evaluation Calendar, which is defined by the following critical categories:

  1. Cyclical topics examine stages of the Global Fund’s business model that repeat throughout the replenishment and grant cycles, and involve key implementation levers for delivering on the Strategy.
  2. Strategic evidence gaps focus on assessing progress in both challenging and newer areas of measurement for the Strategy, where findings will fill an evidence gap and complement Strategic Monitoring KPIs.
  3. Strategy delivery topics assess priority areas that affect the Global Fund’s ability to deliver on the Strategy, including emerging trends and developments in the wider global landscape.

As of 2023, Strategic and Thematic Evaluation is conducted by the Independent Evaluation Function, which includes the Evaluation and Learning Office in the Global Fund Secretariat and the Independent Evaluation Panel that reports to the Global Fund Board. Relevant information on these two entities and completed evaluation reports and documents can be found on the Independent Evaluation pages (available February 2023).