Secretariat Monitoring

Secretariat Monitoring is the performance monitoring of day-to-day Global Fund Secretariat operations. It contributes to the assessment of core operating functions and processes to ensure they are facilitating Global Fund initiatives and investments, in order to achieve the objectives of the Strategy. Regular data generation and analysis is conducted by teams across all areas of the Global Fund, drawing from data generated through programmatic monitoring as well as internal systems.

Monitoring Secretariat Performance to Drive Data Use and Facilitate Learning

Secretariat Monitoring aims to create an organizational culture of continuous learning and improvement, by regularly generating performance data. This enables oversight and decision-making by teams and Global Fund management related to the implementation of initiatives and business processes that are crucial for delivering the Strategy. Decisions may include replenishment and communications strategies, market shaping priorities, and financial management. In some cases, this data can also be used in Strategic Performance Reports if there is a high strategic interest.

Performance and Accountability

Some Secretariat Monitoring data is generated through Performance and Accountability (P&A), an internal performance management tool that provides teams and Global Fund management with visibility into how the various functions of the Global Fund Secretariat are delivering on the Strategy, as well as how efficiently and effectively business processes are operating. Reporting is done on a quarterly basis, in order to provide frequent and rapid data to inform Global Fund Secretariat decision-making and improve operational performance.