Leveraging mobile phone technology to improve access to health services

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Tapping into the immense potential of mobile phone technology, Orange and the Global Fund are partnering to leverage Orange’s expertise and technology to develop digital platforms to improve access to health services and build stronger health data systems in Africa.

Orange pledges an in-kind contribution valued at US$2.5 million over 2020-2022 to benefit at least three countries, starting with Morocco and with plans to expand to Côte d'Ivoire and the Democratic Republic of Congo. This will translate into technical assistance, IT technologies and access to the mobile carrier’s infrastructure.

Leveraging its mobile carrier infrastructure, Orange has developed a tailored digital app for health professionals. The app will enable them to connect directly with patients, help improve the quality of services, ensure patients stay on treatment, and prevent resistance to medicines – all critical to accelerating the end of epidemics.

Focus areas for collaboration also include health product management and supply chain, disease prevention, and data management to better inform health policies.