Private & Nongovernment Partners

The Global Fund / Vincent Becker

Private Sector Resource Mobilization

Funding from diverse sources is essential to scaling up and winning the fight against the three diseases. Private sector and nongovernment partners invest directly in the Global Fund or provide resources aligned with Global Fund efforts.

Some our resource mobilization partnerships include:

  • Philanthropic investment platforms
  • Pooled health funds
  • Pooled private sector-led platforms
  • Grassroots partnerships
  • High net worth individuals

Other partners

The M2030 partnership brings health organizations, businesses and consumers together under the goal of eliminating malaria in Asia by 2030. The Global Fund joined in April 2018 and directs funds raised through the partnership toward malaria programs in Asia, ultimately saving more lives on the continent. M2030 raises funds and awareness through, for example, specially-branded products and services available to consumers.

Human Crescent and the Global Fund began a partnership in April 2018 to provide Muslims and institutions around the world a way to channel their zakah, or charitable almsgiving, to support displaced people in need. The Human Crescent platform can allow donors to direct zakah to projects supporting displaced people, including refugees, internally displaced people and migrants. Human Crescent aims to help 1 million displaced people.