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There has never been more data available to help countries deliver health care to their citizens. However, this data is not always timely or of good quality, and is often scattered across a number of health information systems, tools and data sources that don’t talk to each other.

The Partnership

Zenysis is a big data and artificial intelligence startup that helps countries harness their entire data ecosystem to improve health programs and save lives. Zenysis has built a platform that can integrate data from any number of fragmented systems into a single unified view. This gives decision-makers a nearly real-time view of their health programs to improve the decisions they make every day. The user-friendly platform is flexible and scalable, and it can be quickly adapted to each country’s specific systems and analytical needs.

Ministry monitoring and evaluation specialists have used the Zenysis platform to revolutionize the way they report on the performance of Global Fund-supported programs. Instead of calculating the national performance of these programs once a year, countries can now see the performance of their programs at the site level on a monthly basis across a number of information streams — health surveillance, supply chain and financial investments — and even at a beneficiary level. Not only can these analysts do more, they can do it faster and more efficiently. In Liberia, where the Zenysis platform has been operational since early 2018, analysis that would previously take several people 14 days to compile can now be done by a single person in minutes.

The Global Fund identifies countries and programs that can benefit most from this innovative technology. It contributes vital technical expertise that helps maximize the benefits, and is working with Zenysis in several countries to bring this impactful technology to scale.

Zenysis has invested more than US$2.5 million in five African countries since 2018, and have invested an additional US$3.5 million since 2021 to help five more Global Fund-supported countries harness the power of big data and artificial intelligence to transform their health systems.

At the Global Fund’s Seventh Replenishment, Zenysis Technologies announced the investment of an additional US$5 million, which brings its total accumulated contribution to US$11 million since 2018, helping the Global Fund build a culture of data-driven decision-making at the country level through innovations in data interoperability, integration, and traceability. Zenysis will continue to invest in Global Fund-supported countries to help address the challenge of harnessing information from different systems and empower monitoring and evaluation specialist with data use to inform health interventions.

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“In the next phase of the fight against HIV, TB and malaria, every aspect of the Global Fund’s work must be data-driven and smarter than ever. Our mission at Zenysis is to ensure that Global Fund-supported programs have access to the data and software they need to deliver programs as efficiently and equitably as possible, make every dollar go further and ensure no one is left behind.”
Jonathan Stambolis, Co-Founder & CEO, Zenysis