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Goodbye Malaria

Partnering with businesses to fight diseases and create jobs in Africa

Current pledge (2017-2019)
US$4 million
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The Goodbye Malaria Campaign is an African-run initiative with the goal of eliminating malaria, a preventable disease that still kills a child every 120 seconds, in Mozambique. Launched in October 2013, the organization aims to raise further awareness and funding for malaria programs by driving cause-related marketing actions and distributing merchandise aimed at corporations and consumers.

The campaign benefits Global Fund-supported programs in Mozambique, including an integrated vector management program with indoor residual spraying and the procurement of mosquito nets and antimalarial drugs. Supported by Nando’s, an international restaurant group founded in South Africa, as well as other corporate partners, the organization uses a community development model that taps into Africa’s creative talents to mobilize fundraising and advocacy against malaria while simultaneously creating employment opportunities.

Local communities are employed via social entrepreneurship groups to create an attractive range of Goodbye Malaria products, including sleepwear, teddy bears, hand-beaded bracelets, shirts, jewelry and other accessories. These products are marketed to corporations and individuals in Africa and the global community using the slogan “Save a life in your sleep”.

“We’re creating a win-win-win situation. Local communities make the products, which are sold to raise funds to benefit those same local communities by assisting them to eliminate malaria in their areas. Africa is doing it for herself.”
Robert Brozin, Nando’s Co-founder and Former CEO

Pledge and contribution data updated on: 16 July 2019