Updated Resources for the Next Funding Cycle

08 December 2022

The following list of resources support applicants to prepare for the upcoming grant cycle GC7 (NFM4):

Updated Funding Request Forms and Instructions

The funding request forms and instructions have had minor updates to clarify text, based on questions raised during the 2023-2025 Allocation Period Training Series and are now available on the Global Fund website. Similarly, small clarifications have been made to the Core Information Notes.

Applicant Handbook

The Applicant Handbook consolidates practical information, best practices and other resources for the various stages of application processes:

Technical Briefs

Technical briefs support applicants on a variety of topics:

All resources for the upcoming grant cycle, including their translations into French and Spanish, are consolidated in a dedicated section of the Global Fund website.


Country Coordinating Mechanisms, Principal Recipients and Local Fund Agents can access the following eLearning courses on the changes in application process, including new annexes, terminology and expectations:

  • What’s New and Different (English and French)
  • Overview of the 2023-2025 Funding Cycle (English and French)
  • Preparing for Country Dialogue (English and French)
  • Applying with the Tailored for National Strategic Plans Application Approach (English)
  • Applying with the Full Review Application Approach (English)