Funding Request Forms and Materials

Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCMs), or other applicants as specified in an allocation letter, apply for a country’s allocated funding by completing and submitting a funding request. Each complete funding request includes an application form, key annexes and supporting documents.

Each application form has different required annexes and documents. Applicants can find details on which materials are required in the checklists included in the instructions for their recommended application approach.

Our 2023-2025 allocation period training series includes webinars and e-learning modules on the different application forms and annexes.
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Applicants are encouraged to refer to Review Criteria of the Technical Review Paneldownload in English | Español | Français ] (TRP) and to the Review Approaches Manualdownload in English ] while developing their funding requests, to learn more about what the TRP will be looking for during their review.

An example funding requestdownload in English | Español | Français ] has been developed to support applicants in their development of funding requests to the Global Fund. It demonstrates how applicants can structure their responses to the questions and prompts described in the Application Forms and Instructions below.

A funding request trackerdownload in English ] is available, which details when countries are expected to submit their funding requests, and which application approach each country was recommended to use.

The following required annexes will be provided to the CCMs by the Global Fund Country Team:

  • Performance Framework
  • Budget
  • Prioritized Above Allocation Request

Instructions for completing the Detailed Budget can be found in the Application Forms and Instructions section below. Instructions for completing the Performance Framework and Prioritized Above Allocation Request can be found within the annexes.

Essential Data Tables