Strategic Initiatives

Strategic initiatives support the success of country allocations through programs that cannot be funded through country grants.

Below is a list of priority areas for Strategic Initiatives for the 2023-2025 allocation period. Funding levels will be published following the Seventh Replenishment and will depend on available funds:

  • HIV: Implementation support for innovation, precision and scale in HIV prevention.
  • TB: Technical support to the TB Matching Funds.
  • Malaria: Biologic threats in malaria case management in Africa.
  • Malaria: E2030 – Drive towards elimination and facilitate prevention of reestablishment.
  • Malaria: Regional coordination and targeted technical assistance (RCTA).
  • Malaria: Addressing vector control threats and opportunities: supporting country readiness for an expanding toolbox.
  • RSSH: Community engagement
  • RSSH: Scaling-up programs to remove human rights- and gender-related barriers
  • RSSH: Empowering regional reference laboratories and national diagnostic networks
  • RSSH: Data
  • RSSH: Effective community systems and responses that contribute to improved health outcomes, and equitable access to integrated people-centered quality services.
  • RSSH: Equitable access to quality health products through innovation, partnership, and promoting sustainable sourcing and supply chains at global, national, and community levels (NextGen Market Shaping). 
  • RSSH: Health financing 
  • RSSH: Emergency fund 

Strategic initiatives documents

  • 2020-2022 Strategic Initiatives
    download in English
  • 2017-2019 Strategic Initiatives
    download in English