Innovative Finance

The Global Fund strongly encourages countries to look for opportunities to raise additional funds for health and the national responses to HIV, TB, and Malaria. Innovative finance mechanisms provide one more alternative way to do this. As part of the implementation of the 2023-2028 Strategy, the Global Fund specifically encourages countries to consider the use of joint investments, blended finance with development partners, and/or Debt2Health mechanisms. These tools can help direct borrowing toward equitable and sustainable health outcomes.

Our 2023-2025 allocation period webinar series includes a session on innovative finance.

Blended finance with development partners might include loan buy downs or joint investments, underpinned by performance-based payments.

Debt2Health is when countries individually engage with creditors to negotiate “debt swap” agreements, through which they agree to invest in programs to fight the three diseases or strengthen health systems through the Global Fund. In return, creditors cancel debt owed by the implementing country.

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