Funding Model

The Global Fund / John Rae


The Global Fund makes smart, effective investments in the fight against HIV, TB and malaria through a unique, partnership-based funding model.

Our funding model, which continuously evolves based on new needs, learning and realities, recognizes the only way to end the three diseases as epidemics is by working together. This includes the Global Fund, governments, civil society, people affected by the diseases, technical partners, the private sector and other partners.

Funding cycle

The funding model runs in three-year cycles that correspond with our donor Replenishment cycles. The upcoming funding cycle runs from 2020 through 2022, following the Replenishment Conference in October 2019.

In each funding cycle, the Global Fund allocates donor funds to eligible countries. Countries then apply for their funding after engaging in an inclusive consultation at the country level. After technical review and approval, countries implement their grants. Evaluation and oversight continues throughout implementation to monitor progress and performance.

In this section we organize the cycle into four parts, each with its own series of steps and processes: