Principal Recipient Reporting

Effective implementation and oversight of grants are essential in order to deliver on targets set for the three diseases and to fight COVID-19. The Global Fund continues to strengthen the way in which results are tracked and measured, with the objective of improving the performance and results of all grants.

How We Oversee Grants

High quality information, collected more frequently, allows implementing countries and partners to anticipate issues, remove bottlenecks and course-correct to support problem-solving.

For this purpose, the Global Fund introduced two new complimentary tools: Pulse Checks and Supply Chain and Health Services Spot Checks. These tools put greater emphasis on the importance of data quality and accountability.

See the update on New Global Fund Tools to Oversee Grant Investments for more information.

Progress Update and/or Disbursement Request

The Progress Update and/or Disbursement Request (PU/DR) is a tool that enables the Global Fund and implementers to capture insights on how a grant is progressing. Principal Recipients, Local Fund Agents and other in-country actors receive the pre-populated form, which is then completed and submitted to the Global Fund through the Partner Portal.

Performance ratings and results reporting for each grant are established through the PU/DR, and are available on our Data Explorer site. For more information, please see the resources listed below.

For guidance on how to complete the Progress Update and Disbursement Request, please visit the Global Fund e-learning courses.