Grant Revision

Grants can be adjusted throughout implementation to adapt to changing contexts and requirements. Changes to grants are referred to as revisions and allow for Global Fund grants to remain agile and for resources to be used as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Types of revisions

There are five types of revisions, that follow a hierarchy in which the higher-level revisions can include the lower-level ones, but not the contrary:

  • End date: extends or shortens the grant implementation period (IP) end-date.
  • Additional funding: increases, reduces or transfers the grant funds whilst the IP end-date remains the same.
  • Programmatic: adjusts the scope or scale of a grant, through changes to the modules, interventions and / or targets in the Performance Framework. The approved funding ceiling and the IP end-date remain the same.
  • Budget: enables the reallocation of funds across modules, interventions or cost categories. The approved funding ceiling, IP end-date and Performance Framework remain the same.
  • Administrative: used to make purely administrative changes to a grant, capture modifications to Grant Entity Data (GED) or update the grant requirements.