Funding Model

Grant Implementation

The effective implementation and monitoring of grants is at the core of our work to end of HIV, TB and malaria as epidemics and forms the longest part of the funding cycle.

The Principal Recipient implements a grant, with the Country Coordinating Mechanism and Global Fund monitoring implementation on an ongoing basis. The Global Fund, in coordination with Local Fund Agents and in-country partners, assess programmatic activities through progress updates and country visits. In addition, financial activities are monitored and verified through audits.

Highlighted parts of grant implementation are outlined on this page.

A series of overarching texts and regulations guide grant implementation and implementers. They are available here for download.

Financial management

Strengthening financial management improves the ability of Global Fund implementers to achieve greater impact in their fight against HIV, TB and malaria. The Global Fund provides its implementing partners with opportunities to strengthen their work in this area by making available a number of relevant resources.

See Financial Management Strengthening for more information.

Progress reporting

Ongoing monitoring and reporting are part of regular decision-making and help to determine grant performance ratings.

Each grant's performance rating and reports are available on our Data Explorer site.

Annual funding decision

An annual funding decision determines when funds, on a staggered basis and according to the grant agreement, will be disbursed to the Principal Recipient.

A schedule is set up to determine when disbursements are released. In many cases the Principal Recipient will also disburses funds to smaller organizations who serve as sub-recipients and sub-sub-recipients.

Grant revision

Over the course of grant implementation, some changes can be made to the grant agreement, adjusting the grant’s programmatic requirements to make sure that resources are used as effectively and efficiently as possible. This is called a grant revision.

Grant closure

A grant that is ending triggers a close-out process following a set plan and budget. Following the last disbursement of funds, the grant is closed.