Sourcing & Management of Health Products

Antimalarial Medicines

190 million
life-saving antimalarial treatments
procured in 2017
through the

The Global Fund is working to increase access to all the needed World Health Organization-recommended antimalarial medicines and formulations at the optimum price while simultaneously maintaining a sustainable competitive market. We have entered into framework agreements with a number of manufacturers to ensure prices and availability, based on anticipated market demand.

Documents related to our strategy, past tenders and reference prices are available for download here.

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Private Sector Co-payment Mechanism

The Private Sector Co-payment Mechanism is a financing model used by the Global Fund to expand access to quality-assured artemisinin-based combination therapies (ACTs) through private sector distribution channels. The mechanism is well suited for countries where the private retail sector is a major provider of antimalarial medicines. The mechanism operates in six countries.

The Private Sector Co-payment Mechanism, along with its predecessor the Affordable Medicines Facility - malaria (AMFm), has demonstrated significant results in terms of lowering retail prices to patients and increasing access to quality-assured ACTs, the most effective antimalarial medicines available today. The model leverages Global Fund-negotiated ACT prices and further reduces the price to pharmaceutical importers in participating countries through a co-payment made by the Global Fund directly to manufacturers on their behalf. Country-led supporting interventions, such as large-scale mass communications around treatment seeking for malaria, are instrumental in rapid and large changes in price, availability and market share of quality-assured ACTs.

Several key actors – including implementing partners, national governments, ACT manufacturers, Local Fund Agents and participating pharmaceutical importers – work together to enable the co-payment mechanism to achieve its objectives.

Reference documents are available for download.

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