Other Essential Medicines

The Global Fund works with a diverse group of antiretroviral (ARV) suppliers, many of whom also manufacture specialized essential medicines commonly used by HIV programs. In 2018, we leveraged our position as one of the largest buyers of ARVs in the global health market to establish framework agreements and negotiate references prices for several key, yet often low-volume, essential medicines recommended by the World Health Organization. These include medicines recommended for the prevention of opportunistic infections and treatments for hepatitis B, hepatitis C, cryptococcal disease and Kaposi’s sarcoma.

The Global Fund’s Market Shaping Strategy guides our efforts to increase access to quality-assured products at affordable and sustainable pricing to help reach patients most in need. These essential medicines are available through the Pooled Procurement Mechanism on our online purchasing platform, wambo.org.

The Global Fund is committed to increasing access to quality-assured essential medicines used by health programs. New suppliers interested in working with the Global Fund and other public sector buyers who would like access to our negotiated terms and pricing should contact Uranchimeg Badarch at .