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The Global Fund / Karin Schermbrucker

Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets

108 million
mosquito nets procured in 2018 through Pooled Procurement

Having continuous coverage of long-lasting insecticidal nets is a key component of malaria eradication. The Global Fund is committed to maintaining affordability of nets and ensuring sufficient supply over the three-year life cycle of nets. As a significant buyer, we are actively engaged in shaping the long-lasting insecticidal net market and supporting investments in innovative and next-generation nets.

We work with grant-implementing partners to understand their demand and programmatic needs over the grant cycle. Strategically standardizing net product specifications has enabled countries to streamline the procurement process and support program-monitoring initiatives. Nets are available through the Pooled Procurement Mechanism on our online purchasing platform, The Procurement and Delivery Planning Guide contains up-to-date indicative lead times:

  • Category and Product-Level Procurement and Delivery Planning Guide: Indicative Lead Times
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Since 2013, we have engaged with a number of technical partners through two competitive tenders to ensure a sustainable market environment. We established our current long-term agreements in 2016 with suppliers, including local manufacturers, to supply over 7 million nets each month to Global Fund-supported grant programs.

The Global Fund is committed to increasing access to quality-assured long-lasting insecticidal nets. Other public sector buyers should reach out to Clarisse Morris at to learn how to access our negotiated terms and pricing.

Documents related to our strategy, past tenders and reference prices are available for download here.