Price & Quality Reporting

Price and Quality Reporting is a publicly accessible online database that collects and displays data on procurement transactions made by Global Fund-supported programs.

Data in the database come from purchases of:

  • ARVs, anti-malarial, anti-tuberculosis and anti-hepatitis pharmaceutical products
  • Other health products, including long-lasting insecticidal nets, insecticides for indoor residual spraying activities, and condoms
  • Diagnostic tests for HIV, TB, malaria and co-infections such as syphilis, hepatitis B and hepatitis C

The procurement transaction data include:

  • Supplier or manufacturer data
  • Dosage
  • Unit cost
  • Packaging information
  • Shipping or other related costs
  • Total cost of the transaction

Public Reports

Anyone can view reports from Price and Quality Reporting by clicking these links:

By making these data widely available, we help countries access market information, enabling them to obtain better value for money. The data also help our partners and us to better understand and shape the market for pharmaceuticals and other products.

Entering Data

Principal Recipients and Local Fund Agents enter data by accessing the Price and Quality Reporting database. This data input system is only available to these users.