Sourcing & Management of Health Products

The Global Fund / Karin Schermbrucker

Policies & Principles

Procurement and supply management activities are fundamental to the performance of Global Fund-supported programs. To obtain the best value for money for goods and services purchased with Global Fund funds, we have developed a number of procurement and supply management principles, policies and strategies.

Implementers must follow our partnership’s policies when using grants to procure goods and services related to health products. There are also regulations concerning the procurement process itself, stringent regulations all products must meet and standards that suppliers must meet.

Our guide outlines the policies and principles that govern the procurement and supply management of health products financed by the Global Fund. The guide also describes in detail quality assurance requirements by category of health products according to our quality assurance policies. It is available for download:

  • Guide to Global Fund Policies on Procurement and Supply Management of Health Products
    download in English | Español | Français

Market Shaping Strategy

We play a significant role in the global market for health products. Because our work and our grants support public health efforts in countries and communities around the world, the collective purchasing power of our grants has an impact on the market for and price of many health products. Our Market Shaping Strategy helps ensure this purchasing power is most effectively used to fight the three diseases. See our Market Shaping Strategy page for more.