Sourcing & Management of Health Products

Policies & Principles

Almost half of the Global Fund’s grant monies are spent on the procurement of health products. In 2013, approximately US$1.8 billion of the US$3.9 billion disbursed to countries went to finance antiretrovirals (ARVs), insecticide-treated nets, TB testing machines, and much more.

To assist implementers in obtaining the best value for money, the Global Fund has developed a number of procurement policies and strategies. When using Global Fund grants to purchase medicines and other health products, implementers must follow the Global Fund’s procurement policy, which outlines the type of stringent regulations all products must meet.

There are also a number of regulations concerning the procurement process itself and the standards which suppliers must meet.

The supply chain – sourcing, selecting, buying, shipping and delivering goods to the right place on time and in good condition – is a critical part of any health system. Developing an efficient and effective procurement supply chain is a challenging task for any country. Working with our technical partners, we have developed a supply chain strategy to assist implementers.

The Global Fund plays a significant role in the global market for health products. Because our work and our grants support public health efforts in countries and communities around the world, the collective purchasing power of our grants has an impact on the market for and price of many health products. Sixty percent of the money allocated to the procurement of health products is invested through the Global Fund’s Pooled Procurement Mechanism. To ensure that this purchasing power is best used to impact the three diseases, our Board has developed a Market Shaping Strategy.

All implementers using Global Fund grants to procure goods and services related to Health Products are required to follow the Global Fund’s procurement and supply management policies, below. Suppliers and potential suppliers should also be aware that the guide include the quality assurance requirements for each category of health products, as defined by the Global Fund.

  • Guide to Global Fund Policies on Procurement and Supply Management of Health Products
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