Sourcing & Management of Health Products

COVID-19 Response: Procurement of Automated Polymerase Chain Reaction Diagnostic Tests

18 September 2020

The Global Fund is working with partners to rapidly and equitably support access to COVID-19 health products and diagnostics for low- and middle-income countries by following the World Health Organization’s allocation model.

WHO’s Diagnostics Consortium Initial Allocation for Cepheid GeneXpert COVID-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction Tests list for the September 2020 to February 2021 period allocated volumes of 1 million tests. Another million is expected to be announced in early October 2020, for the same period, which will bring the total Cepheid allocation to 2 million tests over the next 6 months.

Principal Recipients with approved Global Fund funding should submit a request for procurement of these tests through or, if not registered to, they may contact their Global Fund Country Teams to start the order process.

Governments in Global Fund-eligible and transitioned countries can also procure tests using non-Global Fund sources of funding through, or through the other procurement partners of the Diagnostics Consortium.

Where there is a Diagnostics Consortium allocation such as for Cepheid tests, requisitions should be submitted for quantities not greater than the allocation quantity. For further information on the availability of tests for the other platforms, Principal Recipients should contact their Global Fund Principal Recipients Services focal point in Supply Operations Department or their Country Team.