Updates to Principal Recipient Reporting

30 June 2023

Principal Recipient (PR) reporting forms – Progress Updates and Pulse Checks – have been updated to reduce reporting requirements when the submission of forms coincides.

The two revised forms are applicable to Grant Cycle 6 (GC6) grants in High Impact and Core portfolios and are effective for reporting periods ending 30 June 2023 and onwards. PR reporting requirements for Focused Portfolios remain unchanged.

PRs will receive the updated Pulse Checks and Progress Update forms, reflecting the reduced reporting requirements, through the Partner Portal. See below for a detailed list of key changes and what remains unchanged for these forms.

PRs are also asked to keep their Grant Entity Data up to date, ensuring the timely submission of these forms and other grant life cycle deliverables. 

For more information, see the Principal Recipient Reporting page. If you have any questions, contact your Country Team.

Key Changes

  1. Progress Update form no longer includes the following tabs: ‘Total Expenditure_4’ and ‘C19RM Expenditure_5’. Expenditure reporting is instead included in the Pulse Check.
  2. Pulse Check form (only when submission coincides with Progress Update reporting) waives the following sections: ‘PR Self-evaluation’ and ‘Selected Coverage Indicators.’ These tabs appear in the form but are empty. In addition, the Total Expenditure and C19RM Expenditure sections have been added.

What remains unchanged?

  • The annual Progress Update and Disbursement Request (PUDR), Final Progress Update and quarterly Pulse Check reporting requirements outside of the mid-year period in reporting requirements.
  • The LFA does not verify Pulse Checks.
  • The submission timelines for Pulse Checks, Progress Updates, PUDRs and Final Progress Updates.
  • PR reporting requirements for Focused Portfolios.