Grant Entity Data

Grant Entity Data, formerly known as Master Data, is information that the Global Fund uses to actively manage grant life cycle activities. This includes organization names, banking information, grant signatory names and other essential information.

Global Fund Grant Entities, including Principal Recipients, Country Coordinating Mechanisms, Local Fund Agents and other organizations, own this information and are responsible for keeping it up-to-date and accurate.

To create, update and deactivate Grant Entity Data (GED), users can access the Global Fund Partner Portal (GED Module) and use the documents below.

Grant Entity Data

Partner Portal

The Global Fund Partner Portal (GED Module) allows Country Coordinating Mechanisms, Principal Recipients and Local Fund Agents to view, update and manage the following information depending on the assigned access rights:

  • CCM, PR or LFA organization’s Grant Entity Data
  • The LFA Services and Performance Evaluation Tool (for LFAs only)

To safeguard the Global Fund’s grant entity information, users are required to enter a verification code sent via SMS when logging into the Global Fund Partner Portal. Contacts with Partner Portal access rights must ensure their mobile phone number is kept up to date in the Portal. If you have forgotten your username or password, go to and follow the steps to reset your password.