Community, Rights & Gender

The Global Fund recognizes that promoting and protecting human rights and gender equality are required to accelerate the end of HIV, tuberculosis and malaria. The Global Fund Strategy 2017-2022 reaffirms this, and we make available resources to advance human rights and gender equality; meet the needs of key and vulnerable populations in policies and programming; and strengthen community systems, responses and engagement for impact in countries.




Human Rights

Progress Assessments were conducted in 2023. In addition to providing a comparison to previous assessments and documenting human rights programs and approaches that demonstrated impact, Progress Assessment researchers sought to identify cross-cutting themes across BDB countries that could inform subsequent collaboration with wider global health stakeholders, including donors. Assessments found that human rights programs have increased access to- and engagement with health services by key and vulnerable populations.

Countries have reported significant reductions in stigma and discrimination, improved access to legal support, and demonstrated stronger collaboration for comprehensive human rights responses between different sectors. Countries have demonstrated that addressing human rights barriers is not only a moral imperative but also a practical strategy for enhancing the effectiveness of health interventions and achieving broader public health goals.

  • Summary Report on Progress to Reduce Human Rights-related Barriers to HIV, TB and Malaria Services
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Key and Vulnerable Populations