Whether a country or region is eligible for Global Fund support is determined by its income classification and disease burden, as detailed in the Global Fund’s Eligibility Policydownload in English | Français ] .

A particular country’s eligibility by component (HIV, tuberculosis and malaria) is recorded annually in the Eligibility List. Find out more

CCM Eligibility

In order to be eligible to submit a funding request on behalf of a country, and to utilize and implement an allocation, each Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) or Regional Coordinated Mechanism (RCM) is evaluated to ensure it meets certain standards of governance, transparency and inclusivity. These are known as CCM eligibility requirements.

All coordinating mechanisms should comply with each of the following eligibility requirements, as outlined in the CCM Policydownload in English | Español | Français | Português | Русский ] :

  • Requirement 1: Carry out a transparent and inclusive funding application development process.
  • Requirement 2: Facilitate an open and transparent Principal Recipient selection process.
  • Requirement 3: Submit and follow an oversight plan for all Global Fund approved financing.
  • Requirement 4: Show evidence of membership of affected communities in the coordinating mechanism.
  • Requirement 5: Ensure representation of nongovernmental members in the coordinating mechanism through transparent and documented processes developed by each constituency.
  • Requirement 6: Adopt and enforce a code of conduct, and conflict of interest policy.


Requirements 1 and 2 are assessed by the Global Fund Secretariat when a coordinating mechanism submits a funding request for its disease or health systems strengthening programs.

From the end of 2022 onwards, requirements 3 through 6 will be assessed using the Integrated Performance Framework (IPF), which includes a self-assessment to be carried out by the coordinating mechanism and reviewed by the Global Fund Secretariat on an annual basis.

The Global Fund also conducts CCM performance assessments (related to eligibility requirements 3-6) prior to the submission of a funding request. The new cycle for funding applications starts at the beginning of 2023.

  • Countries that participated in the CCM Evolution Strategic Initiative (Evolution SI) have already completed an updated threshold assessment, which evaluates their current eligibility (ER 3-6).
  • For all other countries (including those in the evolution pilot phase) the Global Fund will run a lighter threshold assessment process, to review eligibility before their funding request application.
  • The threshold assessment will then serve as the ‘baseline’ of the new IPF for a CCM.

Moving forward, eligibility (ER 3-6) for coordinating mechanisms will be assessed on an annual basis using the IPF.

Integrated Performance Framework

As part of the work on evolving the CCM model, the Global Fund has developed a new Integrated Performance Framework. The aim of the IPF is to strengthen the performance assessment of CCMs, and provide them with an update on their eligibility status related to Global Fund requirements, on an annual basis.

The new IPF process will allow for better consolidation and assessment of information, increased dialogue, and more consistent performance review across all CCMs.

The expected benefits of the IPF include:

  • Eliminating duplication of performance indicators and assessments.
  • Applying more consistent and transparent performance criteria to all CCMs.
  • Increasing dialogue with CCMs and follow-ups on performance progress and/or gaps.
  • Strengthening alignment between CCM performance and funding processes.

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The Country Coordinating Mechanism Policy provides more detail on the eligibility requirements and principles: