Update on the C19RM Health Product Management Template (HPMT)

21 April 2022

The C19RM Health Products Management Templatedownload in English | Español | Français ] has been updated to include TB cartridges (GeneXpert and Truenat). Principal Recipients can now procure these health products to support integrated testing of tuberculosis and COVID-19 under C19RM 2021 financing.

These TB cartridges can be found in the following sections of the Excel-based template:

  • Section 4 of “C19RM 2021-Lab & other HPS” worksheet.
  • “RSSH: Laboratory Systems” intervention in the “Detailed Budget” worksheet.

Additional Principal Recipient guidance to incorporate TB cartridges in the HPMT includes:

  • In the “HPM costs” worksheet: add the relevant HPM cost (across various Cost Inputs of Cost Grouping 7) for these health products under the “COVID General Laboratory Equipment” percentage (%) estimated fees.
  • In the “SETUP” worksheet: select the relevant information on procurement entity, payment modality and lead-time selection for the “COVID General Laboratory Equipment” category.

If you have any questions, contact the Health Product Management Specialist within your Country Team at the Global Fund.