Update on the C19RM Health Product Management Template (HPMT)

21 April 2022

The C19RM Health Products Management Template has been updated to include TB cartridges (GeneXpert and Truenat). Principal Recipients can now procure these health products to support integrated testing of tuberculosis and COVID-19 under C19RM 2021 financing.

These TB cartridges can be found in the following sections of the Excel-based template:

  • Section 4 of “C19RM 2021-Lab & other HPS” worksheet.
  • “RSSH: Laboratory Systems” intervention in the “Detailed Budget” worksheet.

Additional Principal Recipient guidance to incorporate TB cartridges in the HPMT includes:

  • In the “HPM costs” worksheet: add the relevant HPM cost (across various Cost Inputs of Cost Grouping 7) for these health products under the “COVID General Laboratory Equipment” percentage (%) estimated fees.
  • In the “SETUP” worksheet: select the relevant information on procurement entity, payment modality and lead-time selection for the “COVID General Laboratory Equipment” category.

If you have any questions, contact the Health Product Management Specialist within your Country Team at the Global Fund.