Important Update on Applying to C19RM and the Pandemic Fund

05 May 2023

Important Update on Applying to C19RM and the Pandemic Fund - Operational Update
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As applicants work on their C19RM funding requests, the Global Fund would like to continue to encourage ambitious applications for impactful investments on pandemic preparedness linked to building resilient and sustainable systems for health.

The Global Fund will be registering C19RM unfunded quality demand for these requests to be considered for funding in the coming months. C19RM funding requests can be submitted until 12 May 2023. Please contact your Country Team to discuss deadlines.

Pandemic Fund: Please note that applicants will not be able to apply to the Pandemic Fund for their first Call for Proposals through the C19RM funding request form.

Countries that are interested in accessing funding from the Pandemic Fund should do so by the 19 May 2023 deadline and through the Pandemic Fund website.

It is possible to indicate the Global Fund as Implementing Entity if desired.  However, the Global Fund is still in discussions with the Pandemic Fund on its role as Implementing Entity and reconciling future reporting and oversight requirements to minimize the burden on implementing countries. More information will be provided as soon as possible. Note that 100% of (potentially awarded) Pandemic Fund resources channeled through the Global Fund as an Implementing Entity will go to implementing countries.

The Global Fund will continue to support implementing countries in accessing financing for pandemic preparedness through C19RM as well as the Pandemic Fund and support quality country investment plans for preparedness, prevention and readiness.