Funding Model

Grant Reporting and Checks

Effective implementation and the oversight of grants are key to deliver on targets set for the three diseases and to fight COVID-19. The Global Fund continues to strengthen how results are tracked and measured with the objective to improve performance of all grants and achieve better results in our work.

More frequent and better-quality data enables implementing countries and partners to anticipate issues, unblock bottlenecks and course-correct to support problem-solving.

Oversight of Grant Investments

For this purpose, the Global Fund is introducing Pulse Checks and Supply Chain and Health Services Spot Checks, two new complimentary tools that put greater emphasis on the importance of data and data quality, and increased responsibility for data ownership and accountability.

See the update on New Global Fund Tools to Oversee Grant Investments for more information.

Progress reporting

Ongoing monitoring and reporting are part of regular decision-making and help to determine grant performance ratings.

Each grant's performance rating and reports are available on our Data Explorer site.

Our e-learning courses guide you through reporting programmatic and financial progress and completing the Progress Update and Disbursement Request. Register on iLearn