Sourcing & Management of Health Products

The Global Fund / Karin Schermbrucker

Implementer Support

Strong procurement and supply chains are essential. They ensure consistent access to critical health products, ensure supplies reach the point of delivery of services and ultimately to each patient, and are critical to leveraging investments in health products to achieve maximum impact.

Strengthening the procurement and supply chains of the countries we support has been an explicit part of the Global Fund’s work since 2007.

Almost half of Global Fund financing is allocated to the procurement of medicines and health products to support sustainable public health programs. The Global Fund provides services to enable countries to maximize their procurement and supply management operations and achieve the greatest impact for their investment. The services include:

  • Pooled Procurement Mechanism
  • Private Sector Co-payment Mechanism
  • Laboratory services

These services are intended to help countries fill gaps in knowledge or expertise in terms of procurement and supply management, or where our in-country partners may not have the resources to carry out all aspects of procurement or quality assurance for themselves.