Sourcing & Management of Health Products

Expert Review Panel

The Expert Review Panel is a group of independent experts who review the potential risks and benefits associated with the use of finished pharmaceutical or diagnostic products and make recommendations to the Global Fund on their use. The Quality and Safety of Medicines department of the World Health Organization hosts the panel.

Two panels compose the Expert Review Panel:

  • Expert Review Panel for Pharmaceutical Products: See our Medicines page for more information on the work of this panel. The panel’s terms of reference are available below for download.
  • Expert Review Panel for Diagnostics: See Diagnostics Products for more information on the work of this panel. The panel’s terms of reference are available for download.

Submitting products for evaluation

Manufacturers are invited to submit their products for Expert Review Panel evaluation. We regularly publish invitations on our Updates page.

The invitations include detailed information on what to include in a submission. Submissions should include:

  • A copy of the approval or registration certificate or marketing authorization from a stringent regulatory authority
  • A copy of the good manufacturing practice certificate issued by a stringent regulatory authority, a member of the Pharmaceutical Inspection Cooperation scheme, or the World Health Organization Prequalification Programme certifying the compliance of the manufacturing site with World Health Organization good manufacturing practice requirements
  • Diagnostic Product Questionnaire for Product Evaluation: This questionnaire assists the manufacturer in presenting the data and all requested evidence to support its submission for evaluation by the Expert Review Panel for Diagnostics
    download in English
  • Interagency Finished Pharmaceutical Product Questionnaire: This questionnaire is for the manufacturer/supplier of a pharmaceutical product to provide information to the Expert Review Panel for Pharmaceutical Products
    download in English