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COVID-19 Response: Corticosteroids Procurement

08 September 2020

Following the World Health Organization guidance Corticosteroids for COVID-19 from 2 September, the Global Fund has confirmed that corticosteroids can be funded through Global Fund grants.

Respuesta a la COVID-19: Corticosteroides
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The use of corticosteroids for COVID-19 can be supported by Global Fund grants when:

  1. They are used as stipulated in the WHO guidance Corticosteroids for COVID-19.
  2. They meet the quality assurance requirements as advised by the Global Fund’s Supply Operations Department.

Procurement of corticosteroids for COVID-19 can be:

  1. Included in COVID-19 Response Mechanism funding requests; and/or
  2. Funded with identified efficiencies of already approved COVID-19 Response Mechanism immediate awards, and/or
  3. Funded with grant flexibilities following the 4 March Guidance Note on Responding to COVID-19download in English | Español | Français ]

For the initial phase of procurement, 3-6 months, the Global Fund suggests that Principal Recipients place orders for dexamethasone to use volumes already secured by the Global Fund. The use and procurement of other corticosteroids is also permitted.

Dexamethasone products will be listed on for procurement during the first half of September.