Funding Model


Whether a country or region is eligible for Global Fund support is determined by its income classification and disease burden, as detailed in the Global Fund’s Eligibility Policy. The policy is designed to ensure available resources are invested in countries with the highest disease burden, the least economic capacity, and where key and vulnerable populations are disproportionately affected by the diseases.

A particular country’s eligibility by component (HIV, tuberculosis and malaria) is recorded annually in the Eligibility List.

2022 Eligibility List

The 2022 eligibility list identifies which country components meet eligibility requirements for this year, according to the Global Fund Eligibility Policy. Eligibility does not guarantee an allocation. If a country has no eligible components, it does not appear on the list. The 2022 list has no impact on allocations already communicated for the 2020-2022 period. The 2023 eligibility list, published at the end of 2022, will determine which country components are eligible for an allocation for the 2023-2025 allocation period.

  • 2022 Eligibility List
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To facilitate advanced planning by eligible countries that will transition from Global Fund support, the Global Fund has produced a list of country components projected to transition fully from Global Fund financing by 2028 due to improvements in income classification and based on current eligibility criteria. These projections are not intended as binding determinations or statements of Global Fund policy, and are only provided as an additional resource to assist countries in preparing for transition.

  • Projected Transitions from Global Fund Support by 2028
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All countries are strongly recommended to consider sustainability in their programs, regardless of their stage of development or their proximity to transition from Global Fund financing. The Global Fund has created guidance to assist countries in planning for the long-term sustainability of their programs and the eventual transition from Global Fund support.

  • Guidance for Sustainability and Transition Assessments and Planning for National HIV and TB Responses
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  • Guidance for the sustainability of malaria programs can be accessed through your Global Fund Country Team

For more information, see our Transition page.