Sourcing & Management of Health Products

Placing Orders and Procuring Health Products for 2022

05 November 2021

While the Global Fund’s assessment of health product supply disruption has been moderate overall during the past 18 months, supply challenges are increasing as a result of growing international freight capacity constraints. Those challenges are likely to remain through at least 2022.   

We strongly encourage Principal Recipients to submit requisitions as soon as possible for products that need to be delivered through the end of 2022 to secure supply of health products.

To support the planning for Principal Recipients, we suggest that:  

  • Principal Recipients urgently submit requisitions for products needed in 2022 to by 30 November 2021 at the latest;
  • Principal Recipients procuring through other channels also place their orders for 2022 by 30 November 2021;
  • Requisitions are placed for quantities / volumes that the Principal Recipient feels confident with now in case total need for 2022 is subject to change;
  • Principal Recipients accelerate approvals for all requisitions placed / to be placed – preferably before 17 December 2021 so that they can be issued to the Procurement Service Agents (PSAs) before the Global Fund financial year closure; and
  • No requests for customized labeling are made. The Global Fund will no longer accept customized labeling to ensure that products can be quickly manufactured and efficiently deployed to all countries.

Principal Recipients should take timely decisions on freight proposals to secure the best available slot, as slow approvals inevitably result in several weeks’ delays. The Global Fund and PSAs’ capacities are stretched due to government control measures in place in various countries.

We would also appreciate Principal Recipients’ support in providing rapid feedback on the following:

  • Approval of remaining shelf life/expiration dates for products offered from stock;
  • Validation of shipments and obtention of necessary waivers;
  • Exercising flexibilities with the pertinent in-country stakeholders; and
  • Approval on the increased freight costs.

Principal Recipients can reach out to their Global Fund Supply Operations’ PR-Services focal point and/or Global Fund Country Team as necessary.  

We continue to provide support for current deliveries, and encourage Principal Recipients to use available track and trace tools to monitor the progress of their orders:

Delays of more than 30 days are likely in current situations. The Global Fund, the Stop TB Partnership and procurement service agents are working with implementing partners to identify affected orders and minimize impact on deliveries where delays of more than 30 days are expected.

A PPM Escalation Framework for Delayed Ordersdownload in English ] has been developed, and additional information is provided through our regularly updated COVID-19 Health Product Supply page.