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Post-market surveillance of insecticide-treated nets

16 April 2024

Post-market surveillance of insecticide-treated nets
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Principal Recipients (PRs) implementing Global Fund grants with a malaria component can now refer to this Briefing Notedownload in English | Español | Français ] to conduct post-market surveillance of Insecticide-treated Nets (ITNs) along the supply chain.

The processes and activities described in this note support the implementation of Global Fund Quality Assurance policies and requirements, by ensuring ITNs financed through Global Fund grants meet minimum quality standards.  

The Briefing Note applies to ITNs which are eligible for procurement with grant funds, either pre-qualified under the World Health Organization (WHO) Prequalification Programme or determined as acceptable by the Global Fund Expert Review Panel (ERP) and describes:

  • The scope of the post-market surveillance process and activities.
  • Roles and responsibilities of Principal Recipients, national authorities, and Global Fund teams.
  • The post-market surveillance process.
  • Other important considerations for countries, such as document management, Local Fund Agent verification and budgeting.

Please contact your Global Fund Country Team if you have questions.