Funding Request Applications

Country Coordinating Mechanisms apply for their allocated funding by completing and submitting a funding request.

Our 2020-2022 funding cycle e-learning courses guide applicants on how to complete funding request forms and key annexes. Visit iLearn

Each funding request includes an application form, key annexes and supporting documents. The Applicant Handbook contains an “Essential Application Materials Checklist” with guidance and requirements:

This page provides a summary of the checklist.

There are five types of funding requests. The Funding Request trackerdownload in English ] shows which type of funding request each country was recommended to complete.

Applicants also submit a series of key annexes relevant to their funding request.

  • Funding Landscape Table2

    • This table is an overview of who is paying for what in the health program. It does this by illustrating the total funding need for the health program and detailing how the country plans to meet that need, whether through domestic resources, external donors, Global Fund support or otherwise.

    • Funding Landscape Table
      Tableau relatif au paysage du financement
      download in mulitple languagesFunding Landscape Table
  • Performance Framework2

    • This document links program goals and objectives to the chosen program modules, interventions and indicators by focusing on which indicators and targets will be reported on by the country. It is a statement of the expected performance of the Global Fund-financed programs over the implementation period.

    • The performance framework template is customized for each country and sent by the Country Team.

Applicants use Essential Data Tables to develop a data-informed funding request. Each table is pre-filled with indicators for HIV, TB, malaria, and resilient and sustainable systems for health using publicly available data. Applicants add in and submit additional data used in the development of the funding request.

Applicants also submit documents related to the process they followed to develop the funding request.

Applicants also include supporting documentation demonstrating how they are meeting co-financing requirements and commitments.

Applicants also submit additional documentation as relevant and in their own format.

  • Additional documentation5

    • Transition workplan

    • Transition readiness assessment

    • National strategic plans

    • All supporting documentation referenced in the funding request

    • List of abbreviations and annexes