Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on:
15 December 2010

Technical Evaluation and Reference Group (TERG) – Related matters

1. The Board acknowledges the work of the sub-committee of the Policy and Strategy Committee (PSC) on the follow-up to the Five-Year Evaluation and on the future of the TERG, starting in May 2009. The Board also thanks the TERG for its involvement in this reflection.

2. To ensure that the TERG moves forward with sufficient resources, expertise, independence and credibility in advising the Board and its committees on monitoring and evaluation matters, the Board approves the revised Terms of Reference, membership and procedures for the Technical Evaluation Reference Group (as set out in Annex 5 to the PSC Report to the Twenty-Second Board (GF/B22/4).

3. The Board notes that Dr Ruth Levine resigned from the TERG in April 2010. The Board also notes that the terms of Dr Lola Dare and Dr Atsuko Aoyama on the TERG are due to expire, and decides to extend the terms of these two members of the TERG until the end of February 2011.

4. The Board requests the Secretariat and the PSC to launch the process of nominations for new members of the TERG with the aim of having a complete TERG to be approved electronically by the Board by the end of February 2011.

5. The Board requests the TERG to include in its 2011 annual report to the Board an assessment of its own independence and of the independence of the TERG support team within existing administrative arrangements and to make recommendations for change, if appropriate.

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