Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on:
24 March 2011

Round 10 Independent Appeals Panel Recommendation

  1. The Board approves funding for the Round 10 Ethiopia Tuberculosis proposal for the Phase 1 Period of up to USD 21,107,334, as a „Category 2‟ proposal recommended by the Independent Appeals Panel, with the clear understanding that the amount approved is an upper ceiling rather than a final funding amount and subject to satisfactory completion by the applicant of the requirements set out in paragraph 2 below:
  2. The applicant shall:
    1. Provide an initial detailed written response to the clarifications and adjustments requested by the Independent Appeals Panel not later than six weeks after the receipt of the notification in writing by the Secretariat to the applicant of this Board decision; and
    2. Complete any further clarifications or adjustments, as required by the Chair or Vice-Chair of the Technical Review Panel, not later than three months from the Secretariat‟s receipt of the applicant‟s initial detailed response to the issues raised for clarifications or adjustments.