Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on:
12 April 2011

Additional funding to the Round 7 West Bank and Gaza Strip HIV Proposal

The Board:

  1. Approves additional funding for the Phase 2 period of the Round 7 West Bank and Gaza Strip (PSE-708-G01-H) grant as a „Conditional Go‟ in the amount of up to US$ 4,985,587, subject to TRP clarifications and conditions within a limited timeframe, and also subject to possible additional conditions to be cleared by the Secretariat. Approval is also subject to paragraph 3.c. of the revised Comprehensive Funding Policy (GF/B20/DP9).
  2. The Board reaffirms that the maximum funding amount for Phase 2 of this grant shall be the sum of the amount approved by this decision and the amount of any funds approved for Phase 1 which have not been disbursed by the Global Fund at the end of the Phase 1 period.

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