Approved by the Board on: 12 May 2011

Revised Country Coordinating Mechanisms Guidelines

  1. The Board:

    i. approves the revised Guidelines and Requirements for Country Coordinating Mechanisms ("CCM Guidelines") as set out in Annex 1 of GF/B23/05; and

    ii. authorizes the Secretariat to update, add or delete electronic links to reference documents within the CCM Guidelines periodically as necessary.

  2. The Board notes that the CCM Guidelines will inform the development of a performance framework to be used in the context of CCM funding. The CCM performance framework will be developed under the oversight of the Portfolio and Implementation Committee which will report to the Board on progress relating to the CCM performance framework no later than the Twenty-Fifth Board Meeting.

  3. The Board acknowledges that the ongoing review of CCM implementation of the requirements will require additional resources for the Secretariat. Similarly, Secretariat support for CCMs to meet standards for good governance will require additional resources in 2011 and beyond. For 2011, the resource requirements will be covered under extra-budgetary resources. For 2012 and beyond, the annual budgetary requirements will be subject to approval by the Board as part of the regular budgetary process under the oversight of the Finance and Audit Committee.

Budgetary Implications

This decision does not have material budgetary implications for the 2011 Operating Expenses Budget.

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