Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 22 November 2011

Approval of the Consolidated Transformation Plan

  1. To transform the Global Fund into a more efficient and effective organization, the Board approves the Consolidated Transformation Plan presented in the Board paper titled "Consolidated Transformation Plan" (GF/B25/4, Revision 1 and Attachment 1, Revision 1) to address and implement the recommendations of the High-Level Independent Panel (the "HLP") that were adopted at the Twenty-Fourth Board Meeting and to integrate the Plan for Comprehensive Reform which was endorsed at the Twenty-Third Board Meeting. The Consolidated Transformation Plan sets objectives, deliverables and timelines to transform through the following elements:

    • a. Transforming Resource Allocation, Investment, Results Measurement and Evaluation;

    • b. Transforming Risk Management;

    • c. Transforming Grant Management including working with partners;

    • d. Transforming Secretariat Organization, Management and Culture;

    • e. Transforming Board Governance; and

    • f. Transforming Resource Mobilization.

  2. The Board requests the Secretariat, the OIG and the Board Chair and Vice Chair to proceed with implementation, and to provide a comprehensive progress update at the two regular Board meetings in the 2012 calendar year.

  3. A review to evaluate the success of the Consolidated Transformation Plan and identify any adjustments that may be required will be conducted after one year of full implementation. The results of this review shall be presented to the Board at its first regular meeting in the 2013 calendar year.

  4. The budgetary implications of the Consolidated Transformation Plan will be part of the 2012 Operating Expenses Budget. The Board requests the Secretariat to provide, by 31 January 2012, a detailed costing of the Consolidated Transformation Plan based on the estimated funds, based on the principles of cost neutrality, specifying from which de-prioritized activities the resources will come.