Approved by the Board on: 02 February 2012

Authorization of the General Manager of the Global Fund

The Board:

  1. Acknowledges the decision of Board Leadership, acting on the request of the Board and pursuant to a consultative process, to select and appoint Gabriel Jaramillo to the temporary position of General Manager of the Global Fund for a one-year term beginning 1 February 2012.
  2. Decides that the General Manager will throughout his term exercise all of the powers and functions of the Executive Director, including the power to execute agreements on behalf of the Global Fund. The General Manager will report to the Board in relation to all his functions and for the management of the Secretariat.
  3. Requests Board Leadership to oversee the activities of the General Manager, undertake periodic assessments of his performance, and report accordingly to the Board.
  4. Requests the Secretariat to undertake any administrative actions necessary to facilitate the formal engagement of Gabriel Jaramillo as General Manager.


 As per standard Secretariat practice, the proposed Decision Point was reviewed by Legal Counsel prior to its release to the full Board. That review confirmed that the proposed authorization does not conflict with any provision of the Bylaws, including the stipulation that the organization will be headed by an ED.

In making this conclusion, we determined the following:

i.    The authorization does not have the express or implied effect of contradicting the Bylaws provision that the organization will be headed by an ED responsible for the day-to-day management of the Global Fund. Rather, we understand that in view of the recent resignation announcement of the current ED, this authorization is intended to clarify the leadership arrangement within the Secretariat.

ii.   By identifying the individual holding the interim authority of the ED, the authorization may facilitate leadership transition in a clear and coherent manner until the selection and appointment of a new ED, which will occur in accordance with the governing statutes and policies and procedures of the Global Fund.

For these reasons, the Global Fund Legal Unit has concluded that the proposed authorization is in compliance with the Bylaws of the organization.