Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on:
11 May 2012

Decision-Making Authority on Adjustments within the Operating Expenses Budget

1. The Board affirms the Finance and Operational Performance Committee (the “FOPC”) is authorized to approve operating expenditures that do not result in an increase in the amount of the Board-approved operating expenses budget for any financial year.

2. The FOPC is authorized to establish a framework to determine when decision-making authority on adjustments, reallocations or additions to the operating expenses budget may be taken by the Secretariat or FOPC provided that:

a. such decision does not result in an increase in the operating expenses budget approved by the Board for the relevant financial year;

b. the FOPC shall consult with the Secretariat to develop appropriate criteria and thresholds within such criteria to establish this decision-making framework; and

c. decisions taken by the Secretariat shall be reported to the FOPC and decisions taken by the FOPC shall be reported to the full Board.

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