Approved by the Board on: 14 December 2012

Decision on December 2012 Grant Renewals Funding Recommendations

The Board:

  1. Approves additional funding for the next implementation period[1] for the grants listed in Table 1 in the amounts indicated for each grant, based on the understanding that the amounts approved are upper ceilings rather than final funding amounts for that period and that the Secretariat shall pursue on-going implementation arrangements for each grant consistent with the recommendations set forth in the Grant Score Card for each grant. Approval is also subject to the provision that funding for renewals of existing grants shall be committed in annual tranches, subject to the availability of funding (GF/B25/DP16, paragraph 7 of Annex 1).
  2. Reaffirms that the maximum funding amount available for the next implementation period of each grant shall be the sum of the amount set out in Table 1 of this Decision for that grant and the amount of any funds approved for the prior implementation period which have not been utilized during that period, either undisbursed funds or cash balances held by recipients under the grant.

See attached tabledetailing total recommended funding amount of USD 269,567,949 for the following grants: BEL-910-G02-H ; BEN-H-SEIBsa ; BEN-H-PlanBen ; BEN-H-PNLS ; CAM-S-PRMOH ; CMR-910-G07-M ; CMR-910-G08-M ; CMR-910-G09-T ; COM-910-G04-H ; GNB-M-MOH ; MAC-910-G02-H ; MEX-910-G01-H ; PKS-910-G11-T ; PKS-910-G12-T ; SRL-911-G13-H ; SRL-911-G14-H ; SUR-910-G05-T ; VTN-910-G08-T

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