Approved by the Board on: 20 November 2014

2015 Corporate Work Plan, Budget Narrative and Operating Expenses Budget

  1. Based on the recommendation of the Finance and Operational Performance Committee (the “FOPC”), the Board approves the following:
    1. Corporate Work Plan and Budget Narrative 2015, as set forth in GF/B32/04; and
    2. 2015 Operating Expenses Budget in the amount of USD 299.8 million, as set forth in GF/B32/03 (the “2015 OPEX Budget”), which includes USD 16.4 million for the Office of the Inspector General’s 2015 operating expenses based on the recommendation of the Audit and Ethics Committee.
  2. As previously decided by the Board (GF/B22/DP18), the Secretariat will manage the 2015 OPEX Budget’s exposure to foreign-exchange rate volatility and include in its periodic reporting to the FOPC on budget matters any measures taken to minimize such exposure.